Granville Application Platform

Granville Application Industrial Internet Platform aims to promote the accumulation of innovative resources, jointly develop the intelligent manufacturing industry, create an "intelligent manufacturing" ecosystem based on industrial Internet interconnection, promote the full integration of intelligent manufacturing and innovative technologies, and strive to cultivate enterprise development The new kinetic energy helps companies realize capacity opening and monetization in the form of cloud services, supports the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, and builds a complete “industrial Internet” ecosystem.

Through the integration of various resources, build an industrial Internet platform with strong functions, easy management, high security, and good openness to realize the sharing of resources and industry knowledge, improve production efficiency, collaborative R&D efficiency and integration innovation level, and enhance industrial clusters Industry competitiveness; at the same time, the platform will greatly improve the industry’s production management, design and R&D, sales and service solutions, maximize the advantages of industrial cluster development, achieve the improvement of quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading of industry clusters, and integrate corporate information Comprehensively promote and integrate into the whole industry chain, and promote the continuous improvement of standardization, modularization, lean and automation.

The value of Wei platform

Improve business efficiency

Self-service analysis, visualization of production pipelines, resource invocation, real-time marketing, marked by improved business efficiency

Enhance management level

Data is centralized in the data center, multi-data source management, transparent service support, real-time decision-making and prediction capabilities to enhance the overall management level

Technically efficient and low-cost

Marked by technology-driven, distributed computing of memory computing, MPP, CEP, etc., divide-and-conquer distributed computing allows operators to make real-time and efficient decisions

Improve customer experience

Internet-based electronic channels, panoramic experience, personalized product recommendation, LBS location marketing, and in-depth insights for individual customers

Innovative business model

New services such as data open services, renting and selling data, advertising, etc.