Electric power industry

author Yawei posted on 2021-09-02 11:13 read 123

The main pain points of the industry:

■ Weak capabilities of equipment numerical control and IoT

■ Lack of information management software

■ Business processes are not standardized and management is loose

■ Lack of effective data management: poor accuracy and timeliness of process and production data maintenance; lack of unified management standards for data


Yawei Smart Solutions:

expected profit:

■ Automatic dispatch of production orders to shorten the processing time of work orders

■ NC programs are automatically issued, reducing program error rate

■ Automatic reporting of production equipment to improve production efficiency

■ Improve material turnover rate and loss prevention efficiency, improve receiving and delivery efficiency

■ Production, quality, materials and other data can be communicated to management personnel in time

■ Reduce operating personnel, reduce costs and increase efficiency

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