Automobile and parts industry

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The main pain points of the industry:

■ Extensive operation and management of the entire plant, weak information integration capabilities

■ Supply chain planning and logistics coordination is difficult to synchronize

■ There are too many sluggish materials in inventory, high cost pressure, and lack of error-proof material management

■ Frequent changes in customer needs, unable to quickly adjust production according to customer needs

■ Low level of logistics management, weak manufacturing execution ability

■ The product structure is complex, and the quality of important parts is difficult to trace


Yawei Smart Solutions:

■ Establish an information model to form an information system that focuses on R&D, management and manufacturing platforms and integrates MES, WMS, WCS and other systems

■ Support multiple device networking methods, real-time accurate device data collection

■ Using RFID/PDA/terminal screen and other means, real-time collection of material operation and warehousing operations

■ The workshop plan is decomposed into process tasks, execution process tracking, process/material error prevention

■ Maintain imported ERP production plan and supplier information and raw material information

■ Support forward/reverse product quality traceability, and analyze related quality data

■ Support multi-means data query


expected profit:


Kunshan Huguang Automobile Electric Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Volkswagen Powertrain Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Jianghuai Light Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Fulda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Yuanqing Aluminum Industry China Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Langxin Electric Co., Ltd.


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