General equipment industry

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The main pain points of the industry:

■ The process is complex, the standard process is not easy to formulate, and it is difficult to control the complex conditions of equipment and personnel

■ Many on-site documents, cumbersome work, difficult process management

■ Outsourcing processing is not easy to manage, which increases the difficulty of work

■ The production situation is complex, and it is difficult for managers to control the on-site situation in time

■ Frequent product structure and design changes, resulting in sluggish materials and overstocked inventory


Yawei Smart Solutions:


expected profit:

■ Increase the matching rate of warehouse accounts

■ Reduce key equipment downtime and failure rate, improve equipment utilization and equipment maintenance punctual rate

■ Product quality can be traced in real time, reducing the error rate of technical data and drawings, and improving the product qualification rate

■ Improve production efficiency, one-time delivery rate of production orders, and punctual delivery rate of logistics work orders

■ Reduce the proportion of inventory funds, improve inventory turnover and inventory accuracy



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