Electronic Information Industry

author Yawei posted on 2021-09-02 11:13 read 159

The main pain points of the industry:

■ Fast product updates, small batches of customized products, multiple product categories, and short delivery cycles

■ Product quality is difficult to control, operation efficiency is low, and production cost is high

Yawei Smart Solutions:

■ Build information-based smart factory solutions, including: all-round business solutions for quality management, production process control, material traceability, SPC analysis, etc.

■ Information collection and data analysis of production equipment, optimization of quality process management and other businesses

■ Integrate and display the application systems and equipment data of the electronic information industry to create a cloud map of intelligent manufacturing enterprises

expected profit:

■ The product manufacturing cycle is shortened by 30%, and the lead time is shortened by 20%

■ Improve the efficiency of product quality inspection and reduce the rejection rate

■ Monitoring of production process and process changes to improve product production efficiency

■ Accelerate data timeliness and reduce data input time

■ Reduce or eliminate 60% of document work in job conversion



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