What is the Industrial Internet?

The Industrial Internet is a result of the integration of global industrial systems with advanced computing, analysis, sensing technologies, and Internet connections.

Industrial Internet through the connection between intelligent machines and finally human-machine connection, combined with software and big data analysis, reconstruct the global industry and stimulate productivity.

Are you ready for a new round of industrial revolution?

What can the Industrial Internet bring to enterprises?

Improve efficiency

People, equipment, information, products

Realize multi-directional comprehensive interconnection

Make full use of corporate resources

Improve enterprise production efficiency

reduce costs

Full visualization of enterprise production

Operational data is clear

Demand-design-production efficient docking

Effectively reduce operating costs and risks

Optimize management

Through the whole process of digitization

Comprehensive coverage of informatization

Intelligent full module construction

Help companies improve and optimize management

Digital transformation

Promote the construction of information digitization

Build a full ecological supply chain system

Promote enterprise digital transformation

Work together to realize Industry 4.0






Yawei Smart

Jiangsu Yawei Intelligent System Co., Ltd. is an intelligent manufacturing solution service company controlled by Yawei.

Yawei Intelligent System relies on Yawei shares in the machine tool industry for more than 60 years to accumulate precipitation and more than 10 years of information system service experience. Focusing on the "manufacturing + Internet" smart manufacturing development strategy, we are committed to promoting the integrated development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, leading the deep integration of China's industrialization and informatization, and promoting manufacturing companies to move from informatization and automation to smart manufacturing.

Manufacturing execution MES

Wei MES production management system helps to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. It can also integrate management functions such as production scheduling, product tracking, quality control, equipment failure analysis...

Supplier Management SRM

Weiwei supplier relationship management realizes the automation of the procurement and purchase process within the enterprise and between suppliers, and is a portal platform for the interaction between enterprises and suppliers...

Warehouse Management WMS

The Granville Warehouse Management System can integrate batch management, safety stock, barcode management, report management, quality inspection management, and other functions through the functions of warehouse-in...

Equipment Management EMS

The Granville equipment management system can combine equipment technology, information technology and modern management requirements, and access through various intelligent units to achieve effective management of...

Automatic logistics

The Granville automatic logistics system refers to the automation and intelligence of equipment and facilities in the logistics operation process, including the overall design and implementation of the three-dimensional warehouse...

Learn more about customized smart manufacturing solutions

Yawei Intelligent, relying on more than 60 years of experience in the sheet metal industry, can develop and implement specialized information system construction services for discrete industries (rockets, aircraft...