Manufacturing execution MES

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the production process execution system of the manufacturing enterprise, and it is a set of production information management system for the execution layer of the manufacturing enterprise workshop. MES can provide companies with manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management, inventory management, quality management, human resource management, work center/equipment management, tooling management, procurement management, cost management, project kanban management, bottom layer Data integration analysis, production process control, upper-level data integration and decomposition and other management modules create a solid, reliable, comprehensive and feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform for enterprises.

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When responding to customers' demand for multi-variety and small-batch production, Yawei MES production management system is more effective in helping to improve production efficiency. At the same time, the MES production management system can also integrate management functions such as production scheduling, product tracking, quality control, equipment failure analysis, statistical reports, etc. on a unified platform. Using a unified database and connecting through the network can be used for the production department, quality inspection department, Process department, logistics department, etc. provide workshop management information services.


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