Sheet metal industry

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The main pain points of the industry:


■ The process flow of the sheet metal industry includes blanking, punching/cutting, sorting, bending, welding, polishing, spraying, packaging, etc., which is a typical long process production

■ At present, the vast majority of sheet metal processing still adopts the traditional processing mode, and this processing mode, with the increasing number of varieties, small batches and personalized customer needs, brings higher costs, technology, quality and delivery. difficulty

■ The product value chain is falling, profits are getting lower and lower, market competition is intensifying, and it is difficult for a single sheet metal processing enterprise to survive./span>


Sheet metal processing process:



Yawei Smart Solutions:

Yawei Intelligent provides customers with customized, intelligent and networked package solutions to realize the visualization, intelligence and network control of the whole process of sheet metal processing from order-design-production-delivery-equipment guarantee.

■ Flexible FMS production line realizes unmanned production process

■ Intelligent APS system helps planning and scheduling automation

■ Introduction of MES system to realize refined management of production process

■ DNC networking realizes online program loading and equipment dynamic information monitoring

■ WMS system is imported to realize intelligent management of sheet stock and semi-finished products return to warehouse

■ Yawei Zhiyun Industrial Internet Platform provides in-depth analysis and visualization of data such as equipment remote health protection services, production process equipment data, material data, process flow, product quality, etc.



expected profit:

■ Open up information islands from order (ERP), process (CAD/CAM) to production execution (MES), intelligent equipment, intelligent warehousing and logistics, and realize the transparency of the whole process

■ The integration of intelligent CAM and APS software greatly reduces work preparation time, reduces labor requirements, improves production efficiency, and reduces operating costs

■ Remote health protection services effectively improve equipment utilization



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