SaaS cloud service

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The SaaS-MES production process control runs through the production management operation of the MES system. Through the MES production process control, manufacturing enterprises realize the supervision, control and adjustment of the entire workshop environment and production process, so that the production process safety production plan can be accurately and timely promoted. So as to achieve the expected production target, deliver products to customers on time, quality and quantity, from improving customer satisfaction and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the market.



SaaS-WMS (Smart Warehouse Management System) is different from WMS in the logistics industry. It is an intelligent warehouse management system developed specifically for the warehouse management needs of manufacturing factories. It can effectively deal with the complex material in and out of the factory, improve the efficiency of material circulation, and lay the foundation for complete batch traceability and MES process control. A WMS system that can be on the same platform as MES and seamlessly integrated with ERP.



Multi-platform deployment:




SaaS cloud service advantages:


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