R&D Engineer-Frontend

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R&D Engineer-Frontend

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company's product platform web, APP, applet and other product development
2. Optimize and improve the functions and experience details of the company's existing products
3. Participate in product demand analysis, develop corresponding software modules according to task allocation
4. Encourage the learning of new technologies and be ready to use them in personal work at any time to improve themselves
5. Dare to put forward your own opinions at work, and face people and things at work optimistically

Job Requirements:
1. No academic qualifications, more than one year of work experience
2. Familiar with the basic front-end knowledge of Html5, Css3, Javascript, Ajax, Json, Jquery, etc., and understand the new features of ES6
3. Familiar with at least one of Angular, React, and Vue, understand its underlying implementation mechanism, and have project experience
4. Familiar with Element-UI / iView / HeyUI component library
5. Familiar with the front-end framework uni-app / Taro, know how to develop WeChat native applets
6. Understand the back-end Node.js /.NETCore framework first


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